Act As If…

The idea for posting this video  came from my friend, Jim Arthur Van Wyck.

Amy Cuddy is a professor at the Harvard Business School.

In this Ted Video, she tells people to “Fake it until you make it!”

She talks about taking powerful poses and practicing them for two minutes.

The point of the video is that our bodies can change our brain in much the same way that meditation can.

So let me tell you a story.

Father Eli taught, “Act as if and you will become!”

He was one of my root teachers and he taught me how to train people to do creative visualization.

In the beginning, I had to “act as if” I knew I was doing as a creative visualization teacher.

Doing so was always fun, and after a while, I became quite comfortable doing it.

I have trained hundreds of people to do the process.

If you know anyone who could benefit from power poses or creative visualization, please share this with them.

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