Books by Kelly Turner

Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

Kelly A. Turner PhD

In her New York Times bestseller, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, Dr. Kelly A. Turner, founder of the Radical Remission Project, uncovers nine factors that can lead to a spontaneous remission from cancer—even after conventional medicine has failed.


009: The Black Christ (Bishop Henry McNeal Turner/Sojourner Truth Series in Black Religion)

Kelly Brown Douglas

This compelling portrait of who Jesus is for the black community surveys the history of the Black Christ from the early slave testimonies to the writings of prominent religious and literary figures through the Civil Rights and Black Power movements....

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet, and Nontoxic Bio-Individualized Therapies

Dr. Nasha Winters ND FABNO L.Ac Dipl.OM
Jess Higgins Kelley MNT

The Optimal Terrain Ten Protocol to Reboot Cellular Health

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, cancer rates have increased exponentially―now affecting almost 50 percent of the American population. Conventional treatment continues to rely on chemotherapy, surger...

Engaging Images for Research, Pedagogy, and Practice: Utilizing Visual Methods to Understand and Promote College Student Development

This book introduces practitioners and researchers of student affairs to the use of images as a means to gaining new insights in researching and promoting student learning and development, and understanding the campus environment. Visual research methods can surface and represent ideas in compelling...

Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Kelly A. Turner Ph.D. (2015-09-15)

Kelly A. Turner Ph.D.

Parenting in Contemporary Society (5th Edition)

Pauline J. Turner
Kelly J. Welch

Parenting through the lifespan


This inclusive, research-based text on parenting through the lifespan helps students work with parents as professionals, as well as develop ...

[Radical Remission] (By: Kelly A. Turner) [published: May, 2014]

Kelly A. Turner

The Amphibians Came to Conquer- The Story of Rear Admiral Richmond Kelly Turner (2 volume set)

George Carrol Dyer

Las 9 claves de la curacion natural del cancer y otras enfermedades (Spanish Edition)

Dra. Kelly A. Turner

Los nueve factores que comparten los pacientes de cancer que han sanado totalmente y contra todo pronostico...

Film-Star Portraits of the Fifties: 163 Glamor Photos

The brightest stars of the 1950s live on in this wonderful, black-and-white gallery of publicity shots. Includes 114 major stars in their Hollywood heyday: Marlon Brando, James Dean, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Kirk Douglas, William Holden, and dozens more. Also includes stil...