Dalai Lama Turned 80!

The Dalai Lama turned 80 yesterday and the whole world is celebrating. Roshi Joan Halifax sent out an announcement saying, “Yesterday, His Holiness the Dalai Lama—great model of compassion—turned 80. Join us in wishing him a happy continuation!” I’m glad to see that Roshi Joan wrote “Join us in wishing him a happy continuation” because […]

Discover the Purpose of Your Life with Jean Houston

“The 3 Keys To Discovering & Living Your Life’s Purpose” with Dr. Jean Houston Thursday, June 18th, 2015 at 5pm Pacific Time Special Bonus Below Do you ever feel like there must be…more? Regardless of how happy you are with your life, do you wish you felt more fulfilled and had a greater sense of […]

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose FREE Online Training with Dr. Jean Houston

“The 3 Keys To Discovering & Living Your Life’s Purpose” with Dr. Jean Houston Thursday, June 18th, 2015 at 5pm Pacific Time Special Bonus Below Join one of the most respected spiritual luminaries of our time, bestselling author Dr. Jean Houston, as she reveals her powerful process for truly discovering your purpose, and then integrating […]

The Only Solution is Love

Happy Mother’s Day This poem is for all you mother’s out there. The Buddhist teachings tell us that we were all each others’ mothers in past lives. This makes today a celebration for everyone! The Only Solution is Love We have all known the long loneliness. We have learned that the only solution is love, […]

It is Time to Put the Show on the Road

On Sunday evening, March 22, I was invited to a party to celebrate the launch of our book, I Am with You: Love Letters to Cancer Patients. The party was offered by one of my co-authors, Dr. Leslie Purchase, M. D. at a parlor in San Francisco. I brought my wife, son, and daughter-in-law elect. […]

What is Your SoulPrint?

There’s nothing more beautiful, liberating and blissful than living true to your soul. It’s as though you have a spiritual guide with you at all times… helping you live your highest purpose. But how connected are you to your soul? What is your SoulPrint? Do you hear it clearly when it speaks to you? Are […]

Beware of Sugar

[Editor’s note: Please beware of sugar! This article, Could Cancer’s Favorite Building-Block Be Right Under Your Nose (And On Your Dinner Plate)?, is by Ty Bollinger who is a cancer survivor and author. He has granted us permission to post it here. Enjoy and watch the series, The Quest for the Cures Continues. I have watched […]

Bounce Back BIG in 2015

I have the most incredible (free) gift for you today. If I could have magically created the most life-changing gift you could receive this year, this would be it! Wow! It’s a BRAND NEW, hot off the presses eBook that is a must-read if you want 2015 to be your biggest and best year EVER! […]

60 Minutes of Mindfulness with Anderson Cooper

The whole world knows by now that there were 60 minutes of mindfulness with Anderson Cooper on television on December 14, 2014. I had a previous engagement, so I knew I could find the 60 Minutes episode online and I found it here: Mindfulness. The show was produced by Denise Schrier Cetta and edited by […]

The Spiritual Awakening of Jean Houston

In this video, we learn about the spiritual awakening of Jean Houston as she speaks with Oprah Winfrey on Super Soul Sunday. We learn that Jean Houston describes herself as an “evocateur of the possible” and a “midwife of souls.” Her first spiritual awakening began at age 6. Jean locked herself in a closet when […]