Chanting Loving Kindness

Metta is the Pali word for loving kindness.

Pali is an ancient Indian language in which the Buddhist scriptures were first written down.

The video is a lovely chanting on metta.

The English translation of the chant goes like this:

May I be free from enmity and danger;
May I be free from mental suffering;
May I be free from physical pain;
May I take care of myself happily.

It goes on to wish loving kindness blessings on parents, teachers, relatives, friends, and others.

When I practice metta meditation, I start by showering loving kindness blessings on myself.

I follow with loving kindness blessings for my wife and children, then my siblings and their families.

Next, I shower metta on the people I know who are suffering from illness or other causes.

I end with metta for all sentient beings.

Is there someone in your life who could use a little loving kindness blessing? Why now shower loving kindness on them and share this video also?



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