Dan Gilbert On The Science Of Happiness

This Ted Talk offered by Dr. Dan Gilbert on the science of happiness, author of Stumbling on Happiness is on the science of happiness.

One of the surprising findings in Dr. Gilbert’s talk is that people who win the lottery are as equally happy with their lives as people who become paraplegic one year later!

Another surprising result is that after three months or so, most major life traumas have little effect on your happiness, except in unusual circumstances.

The “psychological immune system” seems to function to allow us to reframe our experience to be happier.

This video is full of surprises about happiness. One guy, Moreese Bickham was released from prison at age 78! He exclaimed, “I don’t have one minute’s regret. It was a glorious experience.” He was exonerated for a crime he didn’t commit.

I think this is one of the best videos on my blog. We all need the ability to synthesize our own happiness.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts, feelings and happiness!

Note: This article originally appeared on November 14, 2012. It is presented again here to complement the wonderful pair of posts by and about  Luminita Saviuc.

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Stumbling on Happiness


Daniel Gilbert

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