Drumming Meditation To Find Your Animal Totem

Shamans in the rainforests all over the world use drumming to induce a trance state. The drum beats cause nice things to happen in your brain.

The person who brought shamanism out of the rainforests is Dr. Michael Harner, founder of the The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. He is a wonder man with a kind sense of humor and a great speaker.

He was honored with the Pioneering Award in Integrative Medicine by the Institute for Health and Healing in 2009.

The video below is based on the teachings of Michael Harner. The presenter is the well-known and charming Flora Peterson. It invites you to lie down, relax, and follow her on a journey to discover your totem animal while you listen to the soothing sound of the drum.

The trance-like state that shamans achieve is similar to the deep levels of the mind that you can reach with Active Visualization. This is especially true if you prefer not to hear the drumming.

In either case, I think it is important for you to practices with or without the drums.

What do you think?

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