Guided Imagery For Universal Mind

This guided imagery is led by Kelly Howell. She is a well known figure when it comes to healing and mind expansion.

Her voice is very soothing and it is accompanied by sounds designed to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain. Kelly calls this Brain Sync (her website is down as of this writing).

This is the kind of video you play lying down in bed when you want to relax for an hour or so. Be sure to use a headset for optimal effect.

The subject of the video is the Universal Mind. The universal mind is what we tap into when we have a premonition or precognition about something happening. It is the consciousness that our individual minds are connected to throughout our live (or lives). The universal mind is a manifestation of the interbeing (interconnectedness) of all things.

Many people have had experiences of the universal mind.

If you have had one, please share your experience.

If not, try Active Visualization to prepare your mind to meet the universal mind.

Active Visualization

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