Invoking Blessings of Medicine Buddhas

With so many of my friends and my wife suffering from illnesses or injuries, I think it is time for invoking blessings of Medicine Buddhas.

The Medicine Buddha is the supreme light of Lapis lazuli.

Yakushi (the Medicine Buddha) is the Bodhisattva doctor. He holds a medicine jar in his hand and is attended by twelve gods each of whom represents one of his twelve vows. The main object of his appearance among us is to cure us of ignorance, which is the most
fundamental of all the ills the flesh is heir to.
D. T. Suzuki, Manual of Zen Buddhism (p. 161)

The medicine Buddha, Yakushi in Japanese, Bhaishajya-guru in Sanskrit brings healing to all sentient beings who acknowledge his presence.

The mantra in this video is the Medicine Buddha mantra.

It incorporates the bodhisattva‘s vow to help people awaken. A bodhisattva forgoes enlightenment until all beings are enlightened.

This is something I badly needed almost three years ago – Medicine Buddhas!

I came back from New York with one of those in-and-out-of-air-contitioning-to-hot-weather colds that was very severe from Wednesday until today [August 19].

I could have invoked the blessings of the Medicine Buddhas if I had learned of them earlier.

So, you see, this blog is also a learning experience for me. What have you learned from reading Meditation Practices?

Note: This video first appeared on Best Meditation Videos on August 19, 2012. See above for why it is back again.

Books by D. T. Suzuki

Books by D. T. Suzuki were very important to me when I began studying Zen in 1983 or 1984. I still own a copy of this one.

Manual of Zen Buddhism

D.T. Suzuki

Here are the famous sutras, or sermons, of the Buddha, the gathas, or hymns, the intriguing philosophical puzzles known as koan, and the dharanis, or invocations to expel evil spirits. Included also are the recorded conversations of the great Buddhist monks—intimate dialogues on the subjects o… [Read More…]

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