Is Reincarnation Possible?

Are near death experiences and of out of the body experiences a function of the brain?

Does reincarnation really exist? Is reincarnation possible?

Buddhists have believed in reincarnation for more than two thousand years!

This video presents the most recent research on near death experiences in a BBC documentary.

The case of Pam Reynolds Lowery is exceptional. She had a brain aneurysm at the base of the brain, which is very difficult to remove surgically. The doctors were stunned! She was able to maintain coherent perception and  memory while being clinically dead.

Also of interest is the work of Professor Stuart Hameroff with the famous physicist, Sir Roger Penrose. This work is so significant that it was reviewed on the Science channel in an episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman in an episode titled, “Is There Life After Death.”

Dr. Sheldon Ruderman, my son’s friend and mentor, spoke about his near death experience in an episode of In Search Of Life After Death. His experience of being out of the body may not have been as dramatic as Pam Reynolds. It, too, is worth watching.

Do near death experiences like Pam’s and Sheldon’s imply that the body and mind are separate entities?

Please watch the video and express your feeling about reincarnation and out of body and near death experiences.

Note: This video first appeared on Best Meditation Videos on October 28, 2012. Enjoy it again for the first time.

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