Is There A Self?

This video came to me from a good friend, Bhikku Samahita, a monk in Sri Lanka. Every day, he sends me daily emails on Buddhist topics.

The speaker in this Ted Talk is Dr. Thomas Metzinger, a German philosopher and cognitive scientist.

He talks about the self-model theory of subjectivity and demonstrates that there is no self.

One of the teachings of the Buddha is the teaching of non-self.

If we are enlightened by the insights of interbeing and emptiness, then we also realize that we do not have a separate, independent existence. We do not have a self.

Interbeing is the insight that we are all connected and that your happiness and suffering depend upon the happiness and suffering of others.

Emptiness is the insight that we are empty of a separate self.

This is the teaching of non-self.

When we are lost in ourselves, we can only see our own suffering. We think that we are alone in the world.

The truth is that we are interconnected with the whole universe.

So I ask you, is there a self? After you wake up in the morning how long does it take for you to realize that you are interdependent with other people?

If you are sleeping on a bed, who made the bed? The sheets? The pillows? Your PJs, if you wear them? Where would you be without the bed?

Please take the time to share you thoughts and feelings about your non-self.

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