Meditate Your Depression Away

Get happy in five minutes! Here are seven tips to meditate your depression away.

Note: This was originally posted on Best Meditation Videos more than a year ago. Since then, we have learned that Mindfulness Meditation Can Give Patients Control Over Levels of Depression. Also, Kelly McGonigal in The Science Of Yoga And Healing commented that “there are certain kinds of depressed patients that are prescribed yoga for treatment. This is recommended as the first line of treatment – before therapy and before medication. This is not a joke. This is a bona fide medical treatment.”

Watch the video before looking below!

Here are the notes from YouTube:

1) You’re already happy
You’re a happy person. But you have unhappy thoughts. Separate them.
2) Set free your Debby Downer
Doubt is external or your ego. Ditch it like a bad friend. Don’t carry around doubt, fear, anxiety.
Travel light. Pay attention to your own downer. Instead of pushing these thoughts out, set ’em free like helium balloons.
3) Garbage in, garbage out.
What ever thoughts or information you fill your brain with will set your mood.
So watch out for your stimuli- if you’re hanging around with downers… cheer ’em up, ignore them or get as far as you can.
Realize they’re up your but because they’ve carrying their own crap-filled suitcase.
4) Make room for some feel-good habits.
Maybe you don’t like exercise, walking in the woods, or meditating. But trick yourself into these.
They’ll make you feel better. See a psychiatrist or a psychologist if you’re into that. Mine is linked on your right.
5) Go see a life-changing movie or read a new book
Ever watch a movie that changes your perspective radically? What was it? Comment below, and go see it again.
Not at night. Sneak out and see a matinee by yourself.
Read the comments to see if there’s one for you. The Secret, Wayne Dyer, new age stuff. I like them on tape.
6) Iknowlikeiknownlikeiknow
Hate job. Now I’m saying over. It’s more likely to be true if I trick myself into believing it… nothing wrong with faking it until you make it.
7) Jot down 3
Write down three things tonight that made you happy today. We get what we measure. If you do this for a week, you’ll find 21 things.

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  1. This is a very good video. Thanks! I’m sharing it with my friends on Facebook.