Relax to the Sounds of Nature

This video teaches us to relax to the sounds of nature. It caught my attention because so many people have watched it.

The shows 22 minutes of the sun setting over Newport, RI. The sound of the wave coming onto the shore have a very relaxing effect if you stop and listen.

Allow your self to become aware of your breathing and then simply listen to the sound of the water coming ashore.

There is no reason to think about anything else.

You can take this practice of just listening into the forest or your garden. It is called “sound meditation.”

After you taken your time to listen to these sounds, please share your experience by commenting below and liking the video.

Thanks for watching!

Don’t you think this would be lovely to share with your father?

Happy Father’s Day!

Note: this video first appeared on Best Meditation Videos on May 25, 2015. Since then, sound meditation has become a very integral part of my teaching and my practice. See also Hummingbird Garden for more sound meditations.

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  1. Wonderful video. I will be sure to share it more than once…

    Just wondering, why are vids shown twice?


    • Jim:

      Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it.

      Harlan may know why the show twice!