Silva Mind Control And Guided Meditation Produce The Same Results!

The Silva Mind Method was called Silva Mind Control when I took the course many years ago. The course was founded in 1966 by Jose Silva, an engineer and a self-taught parapsychologist. The course was designed to reduce stress, overcome health challenges, and increase your mental capabilities. Awakening your intuitive functioning and self empowerment are […]

Mindfulness Practices For Weight Normalization

Weight normalization is a concept brought to my attention by an old friend. She counsels patients with weight problem, be it obesity or bulimia or anorexia. Obesity is now an epidemic in this country, as verified in this video from the Center for Disease Control. The CDC states, …many factors that have contributed to the obesity […]

Guided Meditation For Symptom Relief

This video is another one from Kelly Howell. This one helps us with self-healing and symptom relief. Guided meditation for symptom relief can be used in conjunction with standard medical treatment. It should not be used alone. It is based on three principles which we should keep in mind when we practice meditation for healing. […]

Can The Power Of Your Mind Help You Heal?

Can the power of your mind help you heal? “Is the power of the mind so great that it can cure cancer?” This is the question asked by Leonard Nemoy at the beginning of this video. The story is about a 7 year old boy who was stricken with a kidney cancer called a Wilm’s tumor. […]

Mother Earth Is Inside Of Us

This quote is a transcription of the first part of a dharma talk by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (know as Thay by his followers). The talk took place in Lower Hamlet, Plum Village, France on November 29, 2012. The title of the talk is “A New Teaching on the Twelve Nidanas.” The nidanas are the 12 teachings of […]

Mental Fitness and Active Visualization

In an article published last night by the name of Active Visualization and Mental Fitness, the first three keys of active visualization were shown to correspond to the “three crucial components of psychological or emotional fitness.” As explained in the article, the three keys are relaxation, visualization and desire. This video is about one brain exercise for […]

Guided Meditation And Mental Fitness

While researching the ideas of guided meditation and mental fitness, I came across an article on the Psychology Today website called, “Three Keys to Optimum Mental Fitness: How to exercise your psychological muscles” by Clifford Lazarus, Ph. D. The article begins with some wisdom that I try to instill on my students: Most people know the […]

Guided Meditation To Create Abundance

This guided meditation to create abundance is presented by Kelly Howell. The title screen is the only image in this video. It is recommend that you listen to this recording using a stereo headset. This will offer the maximum benefit from the binaural beats that are part of the meditation. During the guided imagery portion […]

Joyful Solitude!

The music in this video on joyful solitude is very relaxing. There is no speech. There is just music and affirmations floating across the bottom of the screen. I am particularly moved by the bells about half way through. The affirmations promote everlasting prosperity, abundance, peace, joy, health and happiness. Here are some of the affirmations […]

Meet Your Inner Guide

This lovely guided meditation for meeting your inner guide contains beautiful music and the lovely voice of a woman. The imagery in this video is outstanding! You are guided into a forest, made comfortable and then you gently meet your spirit guide. Your spirit guide is a wise person who will help you answer your […]