The Idea That Changed Nothing

Here is another Ted Talk by Dr. Daniel Gilbert on how to make bad decisions. It was based on the idea that changed nothing of Bernoulli (1738) that was supposed to change everything. His idea was that the expected value of our action is the product of the odds that an action will allow us to […]

Dan Gilbert, The Guru of Happiness

Dan Gilbert is the guru of happiness. Some people say that he is the world’s foremost expert on happiness. Then why is he talking about the psychology of your future self in this Ted Talk video? He come right out and asks, “Why do we make decisions that our future selves often regret?” He tells […]

Dan Gilbert On The Science Of Happiness

This Ted Talk offered by Dr. Dan Gilbert on the science of happiness, author of Stumbling on Happiness is on the science of happiness. One of the surprising findings in Dr. Gilbert’s talk is that people who win the lottery are as equally happy with their lives as people who become paraplegic one year later! Another surprising […]