Reiki Meditation for Stress Relief

Reiki is a type of healing involving the laying on of the hands. This video is about Reiki meditation for stress relief. This is similar to what Jesus taught. Reiki originated in Japan. It is useful for reducing stress and promoting health. I have experienced Reiki from several practitioners. It works well from me. Please […]

Awake in the World

Here is a quick announcement about the Awake in the World live event beginning tonight. This free online event is presented by Shambhala Mountain Online. Watch this video to learn about the overall structure and flow of the event, so that you can plan accordingly and be thoroughly engaged. We’ve recorded a 6 minute video […]

9 Minute Meditation Course

The 9 Minute Meditation course will help you reduce or eliminate stress from your life. In just 9 minutes a day, you will be able to manage your stress, anxiety, and worries in new and different ways. 9 Minute Meditation will help you also in other aspects of your life. Your relationships with your family, […]

How to Relieve Your Sense of Urgency

This video from Positive Magazine teaches you how to relieve your sense of urgency as well as eliminate anxiety and worry. Leo Buscaglia says, “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” My friend, Dr. Marty Rossman in The Worry Solution says, Worry is the most common form of […]

Bounce Back Instantly

I don’t often publish two articles in one day, but his is totally an exception.’ Why? Because you need to sign up NOW for this webinar workshop with Sonia Ricotti. Ever wondered how people like Andre Agassi (one of my all-time favorites) go from being the top tennis player in the world… … and lose […]

9 Fat Triggers

Meet each of the 9 Fat Triggers brought to you by Jon Gabriel, founder of the Gabriel Code. He is doing a webinar on these next week. He is a biochemical researcher who lost 220 pounds and now dedicates his life to helping others transform their bodies and their lives. The following 9 fat triggers […]

3 Tips For Reducing Stress

Dr. Sara Gottfried and I offer 3 tips for reducing stress and this short video. As you must know by now, stress is officially a disease as serious as a heart attack. It can also lead to many other problems such as headache, back pain, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, decreased immunity, stomach problems, insomnia, anxiety, […]

9 Ways To Stop Worrying

Now that the holidays are over and many people are back to their normal lives, it may be difficult to keep the spirit of the holidays high. Negative emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, depression, stress, and anger may begin to emerge once more. Even worse, the holidays may have brought little or no relief from […]

10 Big Ideas To Turn On Skinny Genes

Dr. Dean Ornish demonstrated that targeted lifestyle changes can turn on disease-fighting genes and turn off disease-promoting genes. I heard him speak about how lifestyle changes reversed heart disease at Dr. Marty Rossman‘s Academy for Guided Imagery convention in Hawaii many years ago. Now his work is going mainstream. One of the exceptional doctors to […]

A Matter Of Perception

This short film by filmmaker and photographer Hailey Bartholomew teaches us that what we see is a matter of perception. Whatever we look for, is what we see. If we want to look for heart shaped rocks on the beach, that is what we will find. Hailey, together with her family and friends found 342 […]