Talia Lemon: 17 Year Old Philanthropist

My brother, Dr. Joe Freedman, a resident of Jerusalem for 30+ years and Director of Ramah Programs in Israel and Israeli tourist guide, sent me this email this morning.

“When I guide people at Mt. Herzl, talking about the accomplishments of Theodor Herzl, I say that Herzl’s example  teaches us the power of one individual to affect change. Well, here’s a 17 year-old kid who is an embodiment of that lesson.

“Talia Leman was a participant on the Ramah Israel Seminar in 2011. Although her family lives in Waukee, Iowa  (!) she had attended Camp Ramah in California in the summers before coming to us.

“She’s an incredible person, having raised $10 million for victims of Hurricane Katrina…when she was only 10 years old. On Seminar she was “just a participant” except that she had an interview or two for newspapers while she was here. Otherwise you wouldn’t know that she had already made a name for herself, among other things presenting on the TED series at age 15. Oh, yeah, and she also had to take a couple of hours here and there to work on her book…which has now been published.

“Her mother, who is the VP of Talia’s non-profit org:  www.randomkid.org, sent us this link to an amazing clip from NBC “Today’s” show. [embedded below]

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“Truly inspiring. Restores one’s faith in teens…and in humanity.”

I am totally inspired by this young philanthropist! She tells us that ANYone can do it!

If you want to learn how, please check out her book.

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