The Great Sleep

The Great Sleep


The Great Sleep of the Buddha

Is that how it is?
Resting, lying down,
With pure awareness
Of my in-breath, my out-breath,
Solid and stable.
The key to the door
Of the four establishments
Of mindful awareness
Of my body, feelings, consciousness,
And thoughts or mental objects,
With each breath resting
Evermore deeply,
Until I am my breathing.
Then a final ahhhhh.
Returning to where I came from,
Embraced by my Mother Earth.
Who has been waiting for her son,
To returned home,
To rest in her arms.
How wonderful!

William Menza
Longboat Key, Florida
May 12, 2015

[Editor’s note: The Great Sleep is a poem by lay dharma teacher, William Menza. Bill is living with cancer so please send your hearts out for his speedy recovery as you read the poem and share it with your friends.

All my best,


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