We All Have What It Takes To Thrive

Thrive is a two hour movie that should be watched in its entirety to get the full impact.

It is one of those controversial movies that you either love or ignore.

This one should not be ignored.

Many of the facts presented by Forster Gamble and his wife have been presented in other movies in this genre.

See, for example, Zeitgeist Resurrected.

Thrive actually recommends some calls to action that are really feasible today.

There are three themes in the movie that directly relate to other content on this website and Meditation Practices.

The first is the interconnected of all humanity, and in deed, all life on earth – what Thich Nhat Hanh calls “interbeing.”

The second theme is the principle of non-violation that serves and protects all sentient beings and the environment. This theme has been presented as Meditation Practices to Save Our Planet in the first mindfulness training.

The third theme is inner guidance which has been scientifically proven to be aided by meditation practices.

I can’t say enough to encourage you to watch this movie and take action.

You will be astonished by your results.

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