To Change Your Life, You Must Change Yourself

Active Visualization And Deep Relaxation
Have Been Shown To Be Effective Ways
To Change Your Life

How is this possible? Let me tell you a story.

This Is My Story

When I was young, I was afraid of everything! The bullies in the neighborhood loved me because I was an easy target. This convinced me that I was no good and would never amount to anything.

One of the bullies in second grade punched me in the shoulder for no apparent reason as we were leaving school at the end of the day. We lived just across the street from the school and I rushed home crying to my mother.

When I told her what happened, she phoned the mother of the boy who hit me. The boy’s mother at least had the courtesy to talk to her son and I was told that I had called him a “son of a bitch.”

Believe it or not, I had not even heard those words before and didn’t really know what they meant! I was in shock and become more withdrawn and afraid.

Between the ages of 8 and 19 my life continued in this vein of total fear.

In high school, I was so afraid of girls that I developed heart palpitations which persist until this day.

As a junior, I had a glimpse of hope through my introduction to chemistry and my ability to get good grades in science, history and math. I pursued chemical engineering as an undergraduate and physics and computer science in graduate school.

Awakening experiences when I was 19 led me on this path to discover the nature of the universe and understanding the nature of god — it didn’t happen. I chocked so badly on my physics oral examination that I quite graduate school and got my first  job in Westchester County, New York.

Father Eli

Father Eli

Enter Father Eli

Around the same time, I was exposed to yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism – mostly yoga. I was personally initiated by Swami Rama of the Himalayas with a mantra that was very inspiring. I also learned deep relaxation and meditation with Swami Veda Bharati (formerly Dr. Arya).

My life was turning around.

The real critical breakthrough in my life came when I spent two summers with Father Eli in the Ozark mountains in Arkansas. He not only taught me how to do active visualizations. He also trained me to teach active visualization to other people. I have been doing this ever since!

Two life changing events took place during my first summer with Father Eli.

The first one was a deep meditation experience in my van using the mantra I learned from Swami Rama. The meditation experience was so deep that I totally lost track of matter, energy, space and time. I sat in meditation for a long time, concentrated on my mantra. I don’t even know what brought me out of it, but it was wonderful experience.

The second life changing event was later that same summer. I was in my ex-wife’s home in California. I had done some yoga on the floor and prepared to do a active visualization so that I would be offered a teaching position in data processing and computer programming at the College of Marin in Northern California.

During the process, I invoked my active visualization to imagine the sites of the campus, the smells of the computer equipment and books, the tastes of California delicacies and the feeling of standing in front of a class of students talking about the most recent development in computer technology.

The resulting job offer led to my permanently settling in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I have been ever since.

More recently, I was selected as the first software engineer to assist the Technical Committee of the Department of Justice to monitor Microsoft’s compliance with the anti-trust settlement agreement. I held this post from 2004 until 2011 and earned enough money to not have to work again for at least six years and maybe more.

Active Visualization That You Can Do

You might think that this is magical thinking and a made up story, but every bit of it is true. I have certain public documents that prove what I’ve said.

The wonderful thing about active visualization is that you can learn to do it too!

The easy to follow process in the audio recording will train you to do it exactly like I did when I got that teaching job.

Once you clarify your goals and activate the deepest levels of your mind through deep relaxation, you will find that you can change your life in significant ways.

I am offering you the opportunity to download a thirty minute audio recording that was made in a live active visualization session that I did recently with one of my friends for only $9.97!

Benefits of Active Visualization

I have designed this active visualization process so that you and do it yourself after perhaps three weeks of listening to the recording. With active visualization your can

  • Learn to relax
  • Sleep better
  • Eliminate stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Handle worry
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Improve your relationships
  • Develop compassion
and many other benefits.

Active Visualization Process

The active visualization process consists of seven easy to follow steps which you will learn in the instructions after you purchase your download.

You will also learn the first three keys of active visualization. The fourth key will be sent to you three weeks after you begin, so please be sure to sign up to receive this key. In addition, information about active visualization including blog posts, special offers and updates will come to your inbox.

Order now and receive a free bonus of a guided meditation recording.

Guided MeditationGuided Meditation Audio Recording (~30 minutes)

Thank you for your order!

May you be calm and relaxed.


Dr. Jerome Freedman

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