Channeling The Light Of Healing

Adele Selina channels this lovely guided meditation bringing on the light of healing.

The sounds and images in this video have a vibrancy and loveliness that are uncommon in videos like this one.

You can actually feel the light entering you if you follow her images.

The video is dedicated to all of us who are “seeking to return to their radiant health!”

Can the power of your mind help cure you?

I think so. Especially if you try Reduce Symptoms Guided Meditation.

Please try it and let everyone know how you feel.

Note: This video was first presented on Best Meditation Videos on December 5, 2012.

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Reduce Symptoms Guided Meditation

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You Can Easily Learn How to

  • breathe deeply from your abdomen
  • bring your attention into your breath, body and feelings
  • create a relaxing scene for you to return to at will
  • scan your body to achieve a state of total relaxation
  • recognize your symptoms and their causes
  • avoid the added suffering that keeps you from experiencing your symptoms just as they are

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  1. This is a very nice video. And the lady’s voice is very soothing. I really enjoyed listening and watching it.

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