Daniel Siegel Talks About Mindsight

Dr. Daniel Siegel gave one of those Google talks that we have been reporting on for several months now. In this video, Daniel Siegel talks about mindsight.

Mindsight is a method for training your brain in beneficial ways. It provides a means to perceive and strengthen the mind, itself.

Dr. Siegel was also featured on the Sounds True free video sessions on The Compassionate Brain with Dr. Rick Hanson. In this video presentation, Dr. Siegel talked at length about how he developed mindsight and how it can be used in family life and clinical practice. You can register for free!

The series is very interesting and includes an interview with Dr. Richie Davidson, who mentored Dr. Hanson.

As you listen to Dr. Seigel, what do you notice going on in your brain? Does mindsight mean anything to you?

Please share you feelings, thoughts and questions about mindsight. I’d like to know!

Note: This video first appeared on Best Meditation Videos on November 13, 2012.

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