Osho: Death Is Already Happening

In this video, Osho tells us that death is already happening.

My friend, Richard is lying in VA hospital in Palo Alto. He may be dying. Update: He actually died two years ago. His wife, Debbie died a few months ago after turning 88 herself.

Richard is now 88 years old.

My wife’s father died when she was 9. Her mother died when she was 16.

Richard and his family took my wife into their lives where she has remained for 46 years.

Six years ago, Richard was diagnosed with multiple diseases including Louie’s Bodies, a from of leukemia, heart disease and several others.

We were celebrating his 82 birthday in Pengrove.

When he told me all of his ailments that day, he said, “I can’t die young!”

He started out life as a comedian and was friends with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis when they were just getting started.

Many other celebrities were in the photograph he’s kept since the 40’s.

We are heading out to see him now – maybe for the last time alive.

If you know anyone who would be comforted by Bhagwan’s words, please share the video with them.

Note: This video first appeared on Best Meditation videos on September 29, 2012.


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