Emotional Intelligence For Healing

David Rakel, MD spoke about emotional intelligence and healing.

After reviewing the neurophysiology of the brain, he tells how the new medications only cover up symptoms.

In fact, if you read the warnings or watch the television commercials, you will discover that the side effects of the medications cause precisely what they are trying to cure.

He says that he loves children, as they are not afraid to express their emotions.

We start off with a certain beauty and it gets clouded over with anger, which leads to hostility.

He states that stress, tied to abdominal obesity, is the second most common cause of heart disease, and the major emotion associated with heart attacks is hostility!

Hostility then leads to self-doubt and judgement.

When we begin to let go of judgement, self-doubt, hostility, and anger, the beauty begins to shine anew.

Your ability to connect emotionally with someone  with compassion can heal faster than any words.

With emotional intelligence, we can learn to touch hearts as well as minds, love what you do, and connect to others with meaning and purpose.

If you know someone who would benefit from emotional intelligence, please let them know about this.

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