Focus On The Good Things In Life

This is a feel good video if you take the time to read all of the affirmations. It helps you to focus on the good things in life.

It is derived from The Secret – a book about positive thinking.

It contains wisdom offered by many prominent teachers of our times.

What is not to like about this video?

The affirmations are simple wisdom statements and the images are lovely.

Repeating these affirmations daily can change your life.

If you know someone who needs or wants to change their life, please share with them.

When this book first came out, I borrowed it from my local library on CDs. I would play on my way to work or tennis. You may find this book to be very inspiring as I did.


Bob Proctor has released The Science of Getting Rich and I think it is wonderful. Order it today before the price goes up. Click on the image below!


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