Gentle Breathing

img-0245True Medicine Meditation Podcast

With Dr. Sara Kendall Gordon, L. Ac., DAOM

I have spent the last 27 years of my personal and professional journey cultivating what I call True Medicine. These guided meditations offer several important elements of True Medicine.

For true wellness to flourish, it is essential to relax into the interior depth of yourself and rest there. This begins by learning to tangibly contact yourself within your body.

In these guided meditations you will learn to attune your feeling awareness to your internal depth and rest in a steady stillness that is balanced and whole. This will help you access and utilize the three components of self-healing; stillness, feeling awareness and love.

These meditations are designed to help you experience a sense of love that exists naturally within yourself. The experience of this natural, existing love is the transformative element and essential nutrient for healing and eventually thriving. It includes love for self, others and life.

So, relax comfortable, listen attentively with feeling awareness, and enjoy this guided journey into the depths of your own being.

Thank you for listening and be well.

Gentle Breathing

Written and recorded by Dr. Sara Kendall Gordon, L. Ac., DAOM

This is a short, guided meditation where you can have an experience of mind/body unity or wholeness, as your mind relaxes into your body, by shifting your attention to your breath.

Gentle Breathing:  

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