Guided Meditation For Healing

Kelly Howell is a well-known inspirational speaker and author. The image in the video is fixed, so this is basically an audio recording masquerading as a video.

Kelly advises to use this video in conjunction with your medical treatment.

Please take to heart these three important facts about your body.

  1. “The body can manufacture and administer the precise balance of neurochemicals that can reverse illness and cure virtually any disease. Your body possesses the innate capacity to heal itself.”
  2. “Science has proven beyond doubt that the contents of our thoughts and emotions directly and immediately influence our biochemistry.”
  3. “We can consciously influence and direct the body’s output of healthy chemical information through meditation and other mental techniques.”

The rest of the recording is a guided meditation for healing.

In my experience with cancer in myself and in my family, I know her facts to be true. I wrote the following poem in 1997 when I was dealing with cancer:

Lying still,
Breathing in, breathing out,
Healthy cells grow all by themselves.
I am free of cancer!

Do you know anyone who would benefit from this meditation? Please share this video with your family and friends.

Which One Will You Choose?
Healing Meditation
Brain Sync Healing Meditation
Reduce Symptoms Guided Meditaiton
Reduce Symptoms
Guided Meditation

UPDATE: This article was originally published on November 20, 2012. Since then, Kelly’s Healing Meditation has been really useful. Often, I use it in the afternoon after tennis to catch a few winks!

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