Herbert Benson On The Relaxation Response And Meditation

Dr. Herbert Benson was one of the pioneers of mind body medicine. He established the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. His best selling book, The Relaxation Response is a classic in the field of mind body medicine.

Dr. Benson coined the phrase, relaxation response, and it is now a buzzword in the field of mind body medicine. Meditators, shamans, lamas, rimpoches and swamis have known about this for millennium. Now it is popular in the medical field.

He was one of the scientists invited to the 1991 Mind and Life Conference with the Dalai Lama. Other participants were Dr. Daniel Goleman and Dr. Richie Davidson.

This video is one in the series of Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. Herbert Benson talks on the relaxation response and meditation around the middle of the video. His basic premise is that meditation can relieve most illnesses.

Active Visualization induces the relaxation response and stimulates deeper levels of the mind.

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You may also want to read Dr. Benson’s book. I was practicing active visualization even before the book came out.

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