Mental Fitness and Active Visualization

In an article published last night by the name of Active Visualization and Mental Fitness, the first three keys of active visualization were shown to correspond to the “three crucial components of psychological or emotional fitness.”

As explained in the article, the three keys are relaxation, visualization and desire.

This video is about one brain exercise for better mental concentration. It is presented by T. Lavon Lawrence, a leading mental fitness trainer and author. The lesson is sponsored by Neruo-Sculpting!

The lesson is called “Basic Mental Object Retention” and is one of the most powerful dynamic mental fitness and brain training exercises you can do. Anyone who can hold a single image, thought or idea in their mind for a period of time can accomplish anything they put their mind to.

The exercise is to form a simple image in your mind.

Please watch the video and practice the exercise. How did you do?

You will probably do better with active visualization.

The Process

The active visualization process consists of seven easy to follow steps which you will learn in the instructions after you download the recording.

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