Mother Earth Is Inside Of Us

Everyone knows that the Native Americans were very spiritual people and honored Mother Earth in ways the white men never understood in the early history of the United States.

By now, hopefully, everyone realizes that mother earth is inside of us. This teaching really goes back to the time of the Buddha and even before.

When the Buddha was teaching his son, Rahula, he taught that Mother Earth has the attributes of patience and equanimity.

Patience allows her to heal herself, perhaps over millions of years. Equanimity allows her to accept everything, just as it is.

This video is an Indian chant set to beautiful images. No thinking allowed!

The native American Indians knew these things about Mother Earth and we have to learn them before it is too late.

Don’t you want to share the insight that Mother Earth is inside of us with everyone you know?

Note: This article first appeared in Best Meditation Videos on December 6, 2012. I’m updating it and making it available for your pleasure.

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