Mudras: Finger Yoga!

Have you heard of “mouth yoga?” Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh teaches mouth yoga.

During meditation practices or any time you feel like it you can breathe in and smile. The breathe out and release.

He says, “We are able to smile to ourselves and release all our worries. There are more than three hundred muscles in our face, and when we know how to breath in and smile, these muscles can relax. This is ‘mouth yoga.'”

Well, finger yoga is similar to mouth yoga. These are called “mudras.”

You move your fingers into various configurations that represent different qualities of you as a spiritual person.

The mantra, “Amitoufo” is the Chinese equivalent of Amitabha, the Buddha of infinite light and life.

The mudras in this video can be used in various ways.

Some people use them for healing purposes.

If you know anyone who would like finger yoga, please share these mudras with them.

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