Pranayama Breathing Exercises

Pranayama breathing exercises are also known as yogic breathing or conscious breathing.

The exercises in this video teach you how to oxygenate your blood and get rid of toxins through conscious breathing.

These exercises can be used as a prelude to yoga postures, meditation practices and Active Visualization.

In active visualization, for example, we begin with stretching the large muscle groups in the body.

This is followed by six deep breaths. Deep inhalation is followed by a powerful letting-go type of breath.

This means that we exhale as complete as possible in one pulsing moment.

This differs from pranayama in that the out breath is longer than the in breath.

Try both and share how you feel with each practice. You may also want to experience Active Visualization! Just click on the image below.

Active Visualization

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Note: This video first appeared on Best Meditation Videos on October 24, 2012. Enjoy this again for the first time! 🙂

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