Sound Meditation

This video contains sounds of the Amazon rainforest and are very good for sound meditation.

To do sound meditation, take a seat in a comfortable position – inside or outside. Inhale and exhale deeply a couple of times. Then just pay attention to the sounds around you.

Don’t get lost in your projects or thoughts. You can do this almost anywhere.

These sounds are especially meaningful to me because my daughter spent four months as volunteer for the Pachamama Alliance at the Kapawi Lodge deep in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. To get there, she had to take a bus or van from Quito to a town called Shell. From there, she flew in a four-seat plane to Wachirpas – a community in the Amazon rainforest. Finally, a motorized canoe trip down the river took her to the lodge.

Her mission was to teach English to the Achuar natives so they could be better at running the lodge.

You can learn more about these sounds and her adventures by following on Facebook. Please like and share!

The Soul of Money

The Soul of Money | Lynne Twist - Founder of Pachamama Allliance

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