Step Into Peace – The Life Story of Thich Nhat Hanh

Peace is Every Step: Meditation In Action is a film that tells the life story of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Having advocated for peace in the war in Vietnam, he was exiled from his country for 40 years.

After moving to France, he set up his monastery in Plum Village in the south.

Plum village has grown into four hamlet over the years.

Thich Nhat Hanh has made it important to help the veterans of the war in Vietnam and other wars.

The interviews with the veterans in the full movie deeply moved me every time I watched it.

If you like the trailer, you will love the movie.

Please spread the work of this wonderful monk by sharing with your friends.

Peace Is Every Step-Meditation In Action: The Life and Work of Thich Nhat Hanh
Old Price: $24.95
Price: $21.57

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