The Idea That Changed Nothing

Here is another Ted Talk by Dr. Daniel Gilbert on how to make bad decisions.

It was based on the idea that changed nothing of Bernoulli (1738) that was supposed to change everything. His idea was that the expected value of our action is the product of the odds that an action will allow us to gain something times the value of the gain to us. This is basically a process of being able to guess the odds of the gain and the value of it.

Because we tend to guess the odds of the value of an action is based on the past, we often make bad decisions. For example, Dr. Gilbert says, “[[a] good deal that used to be a great deal is not nearly as good as it awful deal that was once a horrible deal!”

So comparing with the past instead of the possible, we can still make certain kinds of mistakes.

We need to avoid making these kinds of mistakes in order for human beings to survive as a specie for the next 10,000 years.

So, you might ask, why have I posted this video as one of the Best Meditation Videos?

The answer is that making correct decisions becomes more second nature for people who have a meditation practice or use Achieve Goals Guided Meditation.

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to make better decisions?

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