The Interdependence of TEAM

TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.

Members operate with a high degree trust, accountability and interdependence.

They share authority and responsibility and are held to a high degree of commitment.

TEAM members collaborate on communication, coordination of efforts, mutual support, effort and cohesion.

Teamwork is less “me” and more “we!”

I hope you will watch the video and sign The Decloaration of Interdependence.

Please share thoughts about TEAM.

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  1. the TEAM video would be more powerful if it had an action in it rather than just the concept, we get it already half way through.
    maybe the end could have the link to the declaration of interdependence and signing in it, as it is now it doesnt have a point really.
    also there is a big misspelling (responsibility) which is distracting…otherwise, like the direction you are taking…..

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