Visualization For Healing Your Body

This video was created by a guy named Rob C. I’ve never heard of him. He calls it, “How to heal your body using only your mind.” It is a visualization for healing your body.

He has gotten a lot of views on this video so you may find it useful.

The imaging technique he explains in the video came to him in a dream.

The essence of the process is to go into meditation and use visualization to heal your body.

When you breathe in, you shower a blue light on the affected area of your body.

When you breathe out, you allow red light to escape from the area.

I think you can use colors of your choice.

I am going to try this later today or tomorrow morning using Active Visualization to get into a relaxing state to begin the technique in the video.

You can use whatever meditation technique that suits you and you may want to try Active Visualization

Active Visualization

Try Active Visualization

Please try this technique. Did you benefit from your experience of visualization for healing your body?

Note: This video first appeared on Best Meditation Videos on November 8, 2012.


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