Zen Meditation Music

With more than 13 million views, this video is very popular.

The music is lovely and totally relaxing.

The images are very beautiful, especially the clouds.

Relax and enjoy!

The title of the video is “Relax – Buddhist Meditation Music – Zen Garden – Kokin Gumi.”

This video will help you to relax, even during the middle of your work day.

Kokin Gumi is “a trio of musicians: Masakazu Yoshizawa, Hiromi Hashibe, and Tateo Takahashi, came together, blending traditional instruments with synthesizers to perform traditional, contemporary, and original compositions. Kokin-Gumi has performed nationally as well as in Japan.”

The music in the video is from their album, “Zen Garden.”

Zen Garden

Zen Garden – with Kokin Gumi

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