Words of Wisdom for May 28, 2024

Dear Friends:
“In the course of coming to understand reality, we confront increasingly deeper concepts about who we are, concepts that form the foundations of our suffering. Our belief that our body is the same body as the one we had in childhood generates all kinds of suffering. But the deeper problem is that we take ourselves to be our body at all. You think you are your body. Or you think, ‘If I am not my body, at least I am inside my body’; or ‘I am the mind that goes with the body’; or ‘I am a soul inside the body. It is my body, nobody else is in it, so don’t tell me I am not my body.’ But as you approach actualization of the deeper aspects of being, this idea will be challenged.”

– A. H. Almaas, Diamond Heart Book Five: Inexhaustible Mystery

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