Guided Meditation For Self-Healing

Micah - age 7

Micah – age 7

This seven year old child was stricken with a metastatic kidney cancer in 1976.

He had his cancerous kidney removed surgically and received radiation treatment for the cancer that spread to his lungs.

He also had chemotherapy, which made him extremely ill.

No one, not even his doctors, thought he would live past the age of eight.

No one, perhaps, except me.

He was taught to do guided meditation for self-healing in a process called mind stories.

Mind stories are guided meditations designed for younger people.

If you are experiencing symptoms, please do not ignore them. Please check them out with your physician and follow his or her advice when it comes to medical care.

At the same time, investigate your symptoms with guided meditation.

My guided meditation for self-healing induces the relaxation response. The relaxation response was investigated by Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard University and practiced for thousands of years all over the world by shamans, witch doctors, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and many other people.

The guided meditation recording is available for listening or downloading for only $9.97. It is available for no cost (see below) for anyone suffering from symptoms and especially for children or adults with cancer.

Guided Meditation

The guided meditation process consists of several easy to follow stages to help you with your symptoms.

If you, or anyone you know.  is suffering from an illness or chronic condition who would like to try my guided meditation for self-healing, please visit the Community For Self-Healing and enter your information.

If you have any questions, please click here to send me a message. I will get back to you very quickly!

I am confident that you will benefit from this process. Many already have.

Thank you for your order!

May you be calm and relaxed.


Dr. Jerome Freedman

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