Mindvalley is a lovely company devoted to pushing humanity forward. It was founded by Vishen Lakhiani and has wonderful offerings to enrich our lives and bring about an uplifting of consciousness in the world.

They offer a variety of mindfulness and meditation products, some of which I have listed below. Click on the image for more information about each product.

Silva Life System

Silva Life System

Unleash the Hidden Power of Your Mind and Lead the Next Stage of Human Evolution with the Silva Life System Program

  • Join the 12 million people who have already exploded their power using The Silva Method.
  • Regain control over your habits, boost creativity and shape your ideal life.
  • Works quickly – just 10 minutes a day will have a life-changing impact.
  • Easy to practice and effortless to master.
  • This is the highest rated program out of the 200+ courses we’ve released.

Awaken The Species

Take a Journey Towards Your Life’s Greatest Spiritual Evolution

Awaken Your Divinity in 16 Key Areas of Life in this Soul-Stirring Quest with Legendary Author & Spiritual Messenger Neale Donald Walsch

Awaken The Species takes you on a 21-day journey into the most profound spiritual evolution of your life.

Many people who complete this Quest also tell us they gain the clarity and personal power to:

  • Be a more loving and heart centered person
  • Be clearer and more congruent in all communication
  • Develop a liberating new view of justice and equality for all
  • Eliminate scarcity thinking
  • Give (and receive) more
  • Develop a far deeper understanding of the Self
  • Show up and make a bigger impact for loved ones, family, and community
  • Understand one’s unique role in the Divine Plan for Global Change
Silva Manifesting

This product is no longer available from Mindvally. Please contact me if you want more information about it.

Silva Manifesting

Master The Skill Of Bending Reality and Create Your Ideal Life with Silva Manifesting

  • Uncover the real way to attract more money, love, happiness and success.
  • Learn how to bend reality, engineer luck and create the results you choose.
  • Manifest synchronicities, creative ideas & exciting new opportunities.
  • Revealed: the SIX obstacles which block manifesting (and how to overcome them effortlessly).
  • Backed by science and used by experts in multiple fields all over the world.


Discover a Revolutionary Technology That Lets You Experience All The Benefits Of Deep Meditation – In Minutes – with OmHarmonics

  • Get all the benefits of meditation without the stress and struggle.
  • Increase your focus, solve problems faster and enjoy deep relaxation.
  • Dramatically reduce anxiety, lower stress and quieten your mind.
  • Designed to slot into the busiest schedule. Works FAST.
  • Simply put on headphones, press play and… voila, you’re meditating!
Love or Above

Love or Above

Connect To Your Infinite Self and Clear Your Emotional Blockages with Love Or Above

  • Instantly and profoundly connect with the highest version of yourself.
  • Live your life with a deep sense of love, wellbeing and new possibility.
  • Eliminate the ONE thing holding you back from happiness and success .
  • Make an effortless shift from your lower self to your infinite self.
  • Transformational: this is one of our most advanced programs ever.

Quantum Jumping

Visualization Breakthrough: Experience The Freedom Of Success, Supercharged Energy and Abundance with Quantum Jumping

  • The single most advanced visualization training program on the planet.
  • Effortlessly visualize your abundance, wealth, love and deepest desires.
  • Master new skills, solve problems and eliminate limiting beliefs.
  • Get instant access to the entire library of Quantum Jumping visualizations.
  • Proven: over 300,000+ have already experienced a Quantum Jump.
Quantum Jumping

This product is no longer available from Mindvally. Please contact me if you want more information about it.

Silva Intuition System

This product is no longer available from Mindvally. Please contact me if you want more information about it.

Silva Intuition System

Silva Intuition System: Join 6 Million People Worldwide And Awaken Your Intuition

  • Unlock your mind’s ability for reliable and consistent intuition.
  • Explode your inspiration, creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Consistently generate better ideas and avoid making bad decisions.
  • Powerful: You’ll be so intuitive you’ll never second-guess yourself again.
  • Get full access to our proprietary Intuition Enhancement Technology.

Philosophers Notes

Philosophers Notes – Get More Wisdom In Less Time.

  • Master 1000 Big Ideas from 100 transformational books. In minutes.
  • Transform every waiting room and commute into a growth experience.
  • Voted the second best thing of the year by Marie Claire (after Lady Gaga!)
  • Absorb the wisdom from Think and Grow Rich, The Four Agreements, Ask And It Is Given, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People… and 96 other classics!
  • The fastest way to make “quantum leap” gains in your success education.
Philosophers Notes

This product is no longer available from Mindvally. Please contact me if you want more information about it.

Silva Intuition System

Unlimited Abundance

Unlock Your Unlimited Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon

  • Abundance Blocks And Why They’re Holding You Back From Wealth.
  • How Abundance Blocks Are Cleared.
  • An energy clearing session for unblocking your abundance.
  • How Much Are Your Abundance Blocks Costing You.
  • Tales of Unlimited Abundance.

Silva Mind Body Healing

Awaken Your Inner Healer and Learn:

  • The Science Behind The Silva Method.
  • The Silva Healing Mind Exercise.
  • The Art of Creative Visualization.
  • The 3 Stepping Stones of Mind-Body Healing.
  • Mastering Your Emotions.
Silva Mind Body Healing

This product is no longer available from Mindvally. Please contact me if you want more information about it.

Just for your information, I have purchased all of these products for myself, and I may earn a “finder’s fee” if you order any of these products.For each of these products that you purchase, I will offer you a bonus of a Guided Meditation of your choice. Just send me a email with the copy of your receipt and I’ll send you the Guided Meditation that you choose.You can choose from Weight Loss, Sound Sleep, Relive Stress, Release Symptoms, Achieve Goals, or Anger Control Guided Meditation. The first 10 buyers will also get an electronic version of  Seven Secrets to Stop Interruptions in Meditation: How to Concentrate and Focus on Your Meditation and Deal with Distractions.

By the way, the Sound Sleep Guided Meditation has been chosen for Omvana and Dormio, both products from Mindvalley. How do you like that?

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