5 Questions to Ask At the Dinner Table

These words of wisdom come from Dr. Anil Gupta through Mindvalley. I am happy to share this with you and your children.

Dr. Gupta suggests 5 questions to ask at the dinner table.

Your relationships, above all else, determine how happy you feel on a day-to-day basis. The quickest and most effective way of improving them is to ask the right questions.

This infographic is based on a signature technique from Anil Gupta, a world-renowned relationships expert. The exercise creates the space necessary for acknowledgement, gratitude, and unresolved issues to surface and be addressed, while maintaining love and respect for one another.

5 questions to ask at the dinner table
The 5 questions to ask at the dinner table are:

  1. What is it you’ve done today that you haven’t been acknowledged for?
  2. What can you be grateful for today?
  3. What act of kindness did you see / perform today?
  4. What was great about today, what magical think did you see?
  5. What unresolved issues can we talk about.

Question 1 invites us as listeners to practice deep listening and invites the responder to practice loving speech. These are practices you’ll find in the Five Mindfulness Trainings and in other articles.

Question 2 invites the responder to express gratitude. This is one of the highly recommended daily meditation practices and is part of my daily practice morning and evening.

Question 3 invites us to practice loving kindness, compassion, and sympathetic joy. Loving kindness and compassion develop from our acts kindness towards others. When we see other people performing acts of kindness, they can cause us to feel sympathetic joy.

Questions 4 and 5 work together to help us realize that we crave magical and pleasant events on the one hand, and push away events and experiences that are unpleasant.

How will you use these 5 questions at your dinner table? Do you have any other questions you would like to ask at the dinner table? Please share.


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