Sixth Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Congratulations! You have completed a major step on your path to well-being by making it to this session. You are certainly going to enjoy future meditation practices as they become revealed to you.

Deer in Back YardNow that you have completed the first five meditation practices it is time to put everything together. In this practice session, you are going to practice all of the previous meditation practices in one recording.

You have now been doing daily mindfulness meditation practices for about six weeks. This practice will combine everything you have learned so far.

Don’t worry! There are still more meditation practices to come to a website near you! This one!


The preparation for this mindfulness meditation practice is identical to what you did for your previousguided meditation practices. If you feel like it, you may try a different preparation for this practice. Doing so is not necessary.

So find a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed for at least 9 minutes and get yourself ready for this guided meditation practice.

Meditation Practice

This meditation practice begins the same way as the previous one. So we’ll once again begin with the sound of three bells, followed by six deep breaths, and the relaxing phrases to bring us into our bodies and to the present moment.

In the instructions that follow, there are short phrases of two word separated by a “-“. The first of the two words is silently spoken when you breathe in. The second, when you breathe out. These words come directly from the first five meditation practices.

Once your breathing has settled down, begin with “in-out”. This helps ground our practice in mindfulness of breathing.

Once your are able to recognize your in breath as in breath and your out breath as out breath, you may begin to notice that your in breath is becoming deeper and your out breath is becoming slower. This is the time to transition to “deep-slow”.

Now that your in breath is deeper and your out breath is slower, you will begin to feel a sense of calm and you will begin to experience a feeling of ease. This is the time to transition to “calm-ease”.

Once you feel calm and at ease, you will transition into “smile-release”.

After you have had a nice half smile on your face for a while, you will transition into “healthy-free”.

You may want to use the recordings for just a week or so and then practice the whole sequence in your own time frame. This recording is designed to be a model on how you should incorporate all five of the previous practices into one session.

If you find any of these guiding phrases to work well for you, please feel proud to use them when you meditate on you own. If you find two other phrases, one for your in breath and one for your out breath, feel free to use them. If you want to simply follow your in breath and your out breath without using words, that is all well and excellent.

Please get ready for the sixth meditation practice.

Ready? Let’s Begin!

There are two versions of this meditation practice and a third one will be made available on request. Both of these take you through the previous five meditation practices. The first on is only 9 minutes long and include some short cuts to keep the recording short. The second is a little over 13 minutes, and is a little more comprehensive.

Version 1.



Version 2.



Pick which ever one suites your schedule on any given day. You can also do the meditation practices without listening to the recordings.

How did this meditation practice work for you? Were you able to stay with your breathing? What distractions occurred? Do you have any questions?

You can continue this practice for as long as you like. By this time in this course, you may choose to meditate for 20-30 minutes when you have time. On other days, please meditate for at least 9 minutes.

If you have questions or comments, please enter them below or click on Contact Us above. Your questions and comments will be carefully reviewed prior to publishing on this page. As your comments are reviewed, your name will be entered into a monthly drawing for a special prize worth $25 or more. So keep commenting with real questions and experience. Irrelevant comment will be deleted.

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