Quick Meditation for Anxiety

Continuing with our stress and anxiety theme, here is a quick meditation for anxiety and stess. This can be done almost anywhere. This is the process: Take a deep breath and hold it in. Tense every muscle in you body for 10 seconds. Release every muscle as you exhale slowly. Now take a moment to […]

Questions of Identity and Consciousness

Michael Stevens answers questions of identity and consciousness and talks on the question, “What is consciousness?” Using a plastic model of the brain, he explains some intriguing maladies that affect parts of the brain. He asks other questions which can only be answered through self-observation or meditation. One of the questions is, “What is identity?” Can […]

Natural Mantra Meditation

Natural mantra meditation creates clear states of mind by labeling our experience by Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu. When we notice a pain in our body, the mantra becomes, “pain.” We feel angry with our boy friend or girl friend and the mantra we use is “anger.” We think about what we have to do when we get […]

Fulfilling Your Heart’s Desire Guided Meditation

Here is another lovely video featuring Kelly Howell. This one is a fulfilling your heart’s desire guided meditation. This is a really beautiful and peaceful meditation that is meant to accelerate manifestation and generate feelings of the absolute. It promotes total fulfillment, and making your mind and body feel as if  all of the things […]

Loving Kindness Meditation Chant

This video presents a nice loving kindness meditation chant. It is chanted by the famous vipassana meditation teacher, S. N. Goenka at the end of each session of his 10 day meditation retreats. Metta is the Pali (ancient Indian language) word for loving-kindness. Together with compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity or inclusiveness, they make of […]

4 Secrets to Staying Awake During Meditation

Are you falling asleep during your meditation? Do you feel like you’re missing out on the benefits? Are you frustrated that you can’t control your urge to doze off? First, understand that everybody falls asleep during meditation (though not all will admit to it). And it’s okay! It’s really nothing to worry about. Your body […]

Focus On One Thing At A Time

Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence is the new book by Daniel Goleman. He was recently interviewed by Joan Duncan Oliver in an article in Tricycle Magazine titled, Focus: The Power of Paying Attention. Unless you are a Tricycle.com member, you won’t be able to read the whole article. What caught the focus of my […]

Qi Gong For Tension Release

Qi Gong meditation is flowing with nature. It is a moving meditation that allows the mind to sink into the moment and experience release of tension. Qi Gong For Beginners is perfect for strengthening the body and releasing tension. If you like this video, you will love any one of Lee Holden’s CDs. Here is […]

6 Ways To Cultivate Gratitude

Even the Harvard Mental Health Letter is writing about the benefits of gratitude. They say, “Expressing thanks may be one of the simplest ways to feel better.” They offer 6 ways to cultivate gratitude. Several research studies have shown that groups of people assigned to writing about gratitude fared better than the control groups who […]

6 Mindfulness Practices For The Holidays

Below are 6 mindfulness practices for the holidays that will help alleviate anxiety, stress, and loneliness. So says Dr. Emma Seppala, the Associate Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University. A link on the CCARE website led to Emma’s article on Psychology Today titled, 6 Quick and […]

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