The Third Metric for Success

Arianna Huffington… Again 🙂 Founder of the award-winning online publication, The Huffington Post, and recipient of countless accolades. By any measure, the vast majority of people would definitely associate Arianna with the term “successful”. But despite this she strongly believes that there is still one important and missing “metric” that defines one’s success. Beyond money […]

The Perfection Of Generosity

In the previous post, The Power Of I Am, we saw that giving is one of the keys to experience the embodiment of God using the power of  I Am. In Buddhism, this corresponds to the perfection of generosity. It is one of the six paramitas or the practice of crossing over to the other […]

The Power Of I Am

Drew Heriot, James Twyamn, Hay House House Films, and others present this video on the power of I-AM. In this video, you can learn to use the most powerful words ever spoken! I am that, I am is the code to harness this power. [Note the comma!] I am every that that there is. This […]