First Mindfulness Meditation Practice

This is the first mindfulness meditation practice for beginning your daily practice. As you progress through this site, you will come upon many meditation practices. All of them rely on the basic practice presented in this recording. We recommend that you download the recording of this meditation practice to your mobile device or burn it to a CD so you don’t have to be in front of the computer when you play it.



Turn off you cell phone ringer and tell your family not to disturb you. Close the door, if possible.

Please note that in there is nothing in the guided meditation practice that will cause you to be insensitive to any real emergency.

Find a comfortable position sitting up with your back as straight as you can manage. It is perfectly all right to sit in a chair or lie down. Forget the myth that you must sit in the “lotus position” to correctly practice meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation practice

Right click and “save as” to download the recording.

We hope you enjoy the guided meditation practice and recommend that you continue to use it as long as necessary.

A good time to listen to the guided meditation practice is in the morning just after you wake up. Another good time is in the evening before you retire for sleep. You can also listen to the guided meditation in your office after closing the door, turning off your phones and posting a “do not disturb” sign on your door.

Every time you listen to the guided meditation practice, it will seem easier and easier to concentrate on my voice. Eventually, you will be able to do it from memory, as I have done.

I learned the opening techniques in the recording from two different masters, one for the initial breathing phase and one for the withdrawal phase. These techniques are from widely different traditions which I have molded into my own practice. I have shared it with you to expedite your learning curve in order to server your needs.

Please use the contact us form if you have a question or need any help with learning the guided meditation practice.

Seven Secrets to Stop Interruptions in Meditation

Seven Secrets to Stop Interruptions in Meditation

Now You Can Order Seven Secrets to Stop Interruptions in Meditation

Many people begin meditating with an idea that it is going to be easy. Then they discover that much of the time they spend meditating is dealing with interruptions and and distractions.

They find it difficult to concentrate and wonder why they are having so much difficulty.

Ultimately, they give up and their New Year’s resolution goes out the window, like so many others.

That’s why I created this book for you! Now you can learn to how to concentrate and focus on your meditation and accept the interruptions and distractions as part of it.

Seven Secrets to Stop Interruptions in Meditation: How to Concentrate and Focus on Your Meditation and Deal with Distractions is a book you should read if you want to learn mindfulness meditation. The book describes the wonderful benefits of meditation in wonderful detail.

It also covers the main hindrances to meditation and how to cope with them.

The main topic of the book provides instructions for mindfulness meditation on your breathing, just like in the audio recording. In fact, there is a full recording of the meditation practices in the book that will become available shortly.

If you are serious about meditation, please order the book.

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations – $9.97 Each


  1. Santharam says

    I wish the volume is more for hearing the clearly for the first time. The voice is so feeble that we have to strain to listen and defeats the very purpose.


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