The Goddesses of Knowledge and Wealth

We don’t often think of the Goddesses of Knowledge and Wealth, but when we do, so says Deepak Chopra, we should think of the Goddess of Knowledge, Sarasvati. But from what I’ve seen in his daily emails, is his online programs pay homage to the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi. In these emails, he is ABS […]

Meditation Practices in Sedona? Sarah McLean

Just being in Sedona is a meditation practice. But real meditation practices in Sedona? Sarah McLean is teaching them. Yes! These are lead by the now famous meditation teacher, Sarah McLean. Her new book, Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation, is about to make it big. Get it now! Take a look […]

The Evolution of Medicine Summit

The Evolution of Medicine Summit is taking place starting TODAY until September 15 ONLINE and it is FREE. One of the main things you will learn from the more than 30 presenters is a unique vision for a more empowered, proactive and patient-value focused healthcare system. Some of the presenters include: Deepak Chopra, MD, Best […]

How Will Medical Evolutions Affect You

I am happy to inform you about a wonderful medical summit that will answer the question, “How will medical evolutions affect you?” This is important information for everyone. It is The Evolution of Medicine Summit. You know as well as I do that the medical system in the United States is in deep trouble. Doctors […]

Emergence of Consciousness

This video is a continuation of my previous post, A Chance For Peace. This one is about the emergence of consciousness and interbeing. Interbeing is a way of saying that “All things in the universe are connected and like never before.” We are all part of the global community. Some of the people featured in this […]

How to Meditate Naturally

How do you meditate using Deepak Chopra‘s method? Don’t try to do anything! Deepak Chopra is such a well-known teacher of meditation that no introduction of him is necessary. This video is the first in a series. The main teaching is that meditation is a natural experience. Just sit back, close your eyes, and meditation […]

What Is The Relationship Between Meditation And Intention?

Mallika Chopra, daughter of Deepak Chopra, hosted a panel discussion a few days ago on the relationship between meditation and intention. The panel also discussed how to turn goals and aspirations into reality and differentiate between goals and intent. The presenters included Mindah-Lee Kumar, Terence Stone, Jesse Berkowitz, Puki Freeberg, Jennifer Galardi, and Ram-Giri Braun. […]

Mindfulness – The Movie With Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness – The Movie with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay) is in the final stages of production. The movie is the work of Larry Kasanoff, the producer of True Lies and Mortal Kombat and other violent films. After meeting Thay, Larry wanted to make a film about him and not make violent movies anymore. Other […]

A Chance For Peace

This message of hope is presented by James Newton Howard. This is a wonderful time to be alive and there is a real chance for world peace. Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh has been saying, “Peace is every step” for many years. Deepak Chopra, Rollin McCraty, Art Rascon, Brooke Baldwin, and other famous people appeard […]

Get Up Early and Meditate!

Deepak Chopra is on of the most beloved teachers of meditation practices. His advice to people about their meditation practices, even those who get up early and meditate is outstanding. I especially like this question and answer because it applies directly to me an my meditation practices. Get Up Early and Meditate! This is the […]

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