What Is The Relationship Between Meditation And Intention?

Mallika Chopra, daughter of Deepak Chopra, hosted a panel discussion a few days ago on the relationship between meditation and intention. The panel also discussed how to turn goals and aspirations into reality and differentiate between goals and intent.

The presenters included Mindah-Lee Kumar, Terence Stone, Jesse Berkowitz, Puki Freeberg,
Jennifer Galardi, and Ram-Giri Braun.

I have created this slide show so you can see these presenters in action.

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Mallika has a site called intent.com. She says that intentions differ from goals in that goals are things that we aspire to and want to achieve, while intentions have a more spiritual nature from our souls and are the seeds to manifest reality in our lives. Intentions come out of our higher self.

Intention is like rough marble which, through mindfulness and awareness of our true nature, manifests as achieving our goals.

On his website, Terence Stone writes,

I really believe it is about the heart and mind connection; meaning, aligning the deepest desires of the divine self (heart) with the more logical, material-based self (mind). If the heart and mind are disjointed, how can we hope to set a clear and honest path toward our goals? How do we know that those goals are truly what we want?

That’s why mindfulness of intention is so important. Intention is the why. Why I am I doing this? Why do I want this? We have to let the intention inform the goal and not vice versa. Make your intention as clear, straightforward, and honest as possible and let that mold the structure of the goal. Then it becomes much easier to follow the path toward that goal. [Read More…]

Mindah-Lee reminds us that we practice meditation is to build up our mindfulness and we have the awareness to see what our intentions are behind our behaviors. Right intention is often taught as one of the elements of the Eight-Fold Path of the Buddha along with right view and right action.

What are you intentions? How does meditation affect your intentions?

Here is an idea about how you can merge your intentions with your goals. Try Achieve Goals Guided Meditation and receive a second guided meditation of your choice for no additional fee.

Achieve Goals Guided Meditation

Achieve Goals Guided Meditation

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