The Evolution of Medicine Summit

The Evolution of Medicine Summit

The Evolution of Medicine Summit

The Evolution of Medicine Summit is taking place starting TODAY until September 15 ONLINE and it is FREE. One of the main things you will learn from the more than 30 presenters is a unique vision for a more empowered, proactive and patient-value focused healthcare system.

Some of the presenters include:

  • Deepak Chopra, MD, Best Selling Author; Ayurvedic and Mind/Body Medicine
  • Mark Hyman, MD, Multiple Best Selling Author, Chairman of IFM
  • Food Babe aka Vani Hari, Activist Blogger; Digital Innovator
  • Joe Cross aka Joe The Juicer
  • Larry Palevsky, MD, Board Certified Pediatrician
Micah - age 7

Micah – age 7

I have been promoting the idea of patients taking charge of their own medical care, i. e., being proactive  since 1976. At that time, my son, Micah, a seven year old, was stricken with metastatic Wilm’s tumor – a cancer of the kidney. There was also extensive cancer in his lungs.

The first thing I did when I got to the hospital in San Francisco was to make sure he knew I was there and that I was totally present for him. Then I started making phone calls to doctors and friends who knew about alternative medicine and natural healing.

He was almost immediately taken in for surgery to remove his kidney and would have to be in the hospital for about a month. I alternated staying with him at night with his mother.

My first job as a healer was to teach him how to do what we later called, “mind stories” – guided imagery and creative visualization for children. What I taught him was based on the training I had received from one of my teachers and the Silva Mind Control System. He started creating mind stories of his own.

Once he was out of the hospital, we hired Dr. Sheldon Ruderman, who had been trained by the Carl and Karen Simonton, who also had been taken the Silva Mind Control course.

Sheldon had also been a cancer patient who refused to allow the medical establishment destroy him. He took charge of his own medical care and became proactive in his treatments. He shared all of this with Micah and would bring him a bag of mini bagels every time he came to the house to have a session.

No one thought he would survive!

Micah’s recovery and long-term survival have made medical history. His story has been told on two episodes of In Search of…with Leonard Nemoy (the original Dr. Spock!)

You, too, can learn to be proactive in your health care. Register for The Evolution of Medicine Summit which starts TODAY!

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“Delivering Evolved Medicine,” a presentation by Tom Blue, CSO of AAPP
“The Four Causes of Chronic Disease,” 4 audio recordings brought to you by Revive Primary Care

Come listen to The Evolution of Medicine Summit ONLINE for FREE from starting TODAY until September 15, 2014 and be a force of change for the future of health and medicine!

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I’ll see you at the Summit!

The Evolution of Medicine Summit

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