How Will Medical Evolutions Affect You

I am happy to inform you about a wonderful medical summit that will answer the question, “How will medical evolutions affect you?” This is important information for everyone. It is The Evolution of Medicine Summit.

You know as well as I do that the medical system in the United States is in deep trouble.

Doctors have to resort to expensive “concierge” programs to make ends meet. Hospitals have to charge outrageous fees for every single service in order to get enough money back from the insurance companies and Medicare to stay in business.

Furthermore, insurance companies make up all kinds of excuses why not to pay you for your medical care. They don’t even cover certain types of alternative treatments that have been know to work for millennium. They don’t pay for acupuncture. They don’t pay for massage. They don’t pay for chiropractic adjustments. And they drop you at a moment’s notice!

The FDA is not really “federal” and it is no longer a food and drug administration. It is an economic machine to support drug and pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical companies pay off the “Food and Drug Administration” to get their drugs approved. The don’t receive a dime if a natural cure is presented for acceptance and they delay these sorts of applications until the applicant tires of dealing with them.

Deepak Chopra with Jerome Freedman

Deepak Chopra – one of the presenters
Photo Jerome Freedman

With all this in mind, I’d like to invite you to register for The Evolution of Medicine Summit which takes place ONLINE and FREE from September 8-15, 2014.

The Evolution of Medicine Summit will shine a light on the work of more than 30 innovators leading these changes, and set a unique vision for a more empowered, proactive and patients value focused healthcare system.

This Evolution of Medicine Summit will provide you with the information you need to:

  • Understand what causes disease and how to disease proof yourself
  • Elevate you and your family towards optimum health
  • Make the m  ost out of the next generation of health technology

Health professionals and doctors will also learn to:

  • Understand the body as a complex and integrated system
  • Innovate with proven new care models (health coaches, telemedicine, group visits, etc.)
  • Learn effective strategies for reversing and preventing chronic and autoimmune disease

Navigate your way through the world’s overwhelming amount of health information when you attend The Evolution of Medicine Summit!

Register for Free TODAY for The Evolution of Medicine Summit!

Here are a few of the incredible presenters:

Deepak Chopra, MD, Best Selling Author; Ayurvedic and Mind/Body Medicine: The Evolution of Consciousness

Mark Hyman, MD, Multiple Best Selling Author, Chairman of IFM: Evolution of Medical Paradigm

Food Babe aka Vani Hari, Activist Blogger; Digital Innovator: Activism: Empowered Medical Evolution

Joe Cross aka Joe The Juicer: The Great Health Outsourcing Experiment

Larry Palevsky, MD, Board Certified Pediatrician: Beyond The Germ Theory: True Holism In Action

With over 30 presenters sharing their wealth of knowledge. This invaluable (and FREE) resource is intended for patients and doctors everywhere!

Better yet, if you register today, you’ll have access to the following FREE GIFTS as soon as you register!

  • “Are we Deluded by Disease?” a presentation by Jeffrey Bland, PhD
  • “Delivering Evolved Medicine,” a presentation by Tom Blue, CSO of AAPP
  • “The Four Causes of Chronic Disease,” 4 audio recordings brought to you by Revive Primary Care

Come listen to The Evolution of Medicine Summit ONLINE for FREE from September 8-15, 2014 and be a force of change for the future of health and medicine!

Register for FREE at the following link today:

I’ll see you at the Summit!

The Evolution of Medicine

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