Get Up Early and Meditate!

Deepak Chopra is on of the most beloved teachers of meditation practices. His advice to people about their meditation practices, even those who get up early and meditate is outstanding.

I especially like this question and answer because it applies directly to me an my meditation practices.

Get Up Early and Meditate!

Deepak Chopra with Jerome Freedman

Deepak Chopra | Photo Jerome Freedman

This is the question posed on Deepak Chopra’s blog:

Question: Recently I have experienced a beautiful meditation experience. I couldn’t sleep one night, so I started meditating at 4’0 clock. after sometime my breath disappeared and my physical body boundaries disappeared…

Deepak Chopra’s answer is repeated here in full so you can benefit from it:

Early morning has been prescribed as the ideal time for meditation by sages throughout the ages since it is the quietest time of day. It is said to have a special fresh energy associated with it that makes it especially good for meditation. Your experience of physical unboundedness and breath suspension are strong indicators of a deep meditation. The subsequent feeling of heaviness in your heart shows that you released some very profound emotional blocks earlier in your meditation and that gave rise to that heavy feeling. This experience is also good in that it means you are clearing away the old conditioning from your past and opening yourself up to even deeper and longer periods of profound silence in meditation.

Quite often, I get up early and meditate. Many times, I usually don’t wake up early on purpose, but when I do, I really enjoy sitting down and beginning my meditation practice. This happened just today, in fact! I was meditating at 3:30 AM for thirty minutes!

Many people I know do actually get up early on purpose. These people have discipline and schedule their practice periods with regularity.

In my humble opinion, the important thing about meditation practices is just to do it! If you get up early to meditate, that is just fine.

The bottom line is to practice!

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